DAYLILLY HORSE FARM - Chickamauga, Georgia

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Our Purpose

To educate people in the care, handling and riding of horses so less horses are neglected, abused or abandoned. 

Our Program

The goal of our farm is to introduce the horse to individuals while providing a culture of encouragement and learning.  We work with all ages and genders in regular lessons. Our specific mission is to work with students age 6-16 to learn how to ride, care for, and have a relationship with the horse in a safe enviornment. Also, as they mature in their own horse knowledge, to be mentors to new students coming into the program. Some of our students have been diagnosed with various disorders that make participating in other sports more challenging. Working with horses has proven to be thereptutic and rewarding to them. The activities include mounted and unmounted lessons. We periodically host a schooling show on the farm and also have a group of students who participate in shows off the farm.  We also have camps and special events.

Our Riding Style

We teach lessons in the traditional classical English format and follow USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) guidelines.  Balance, communication with the horse, and understanding how a horse "thinks" is part of developing a relationship.  Each horse and person is an individual and even though we do group lessons, our goal is for each student to reach their personal potential and goals and enjoy their experience. Also, each student is made aware of their horse's background, that can impact the way the horse relates to them.

Our horses

 ..are special. Most of our horses come from various rescue situations.  They have either retired from their first career because of limitations, were rescued because of some type of neglect, were donated, or purchased.



Thanks to Sommer Wilson, student and photographer for many of these photos and Tony K. for his great shots.



We are proud members of the following organizations:
- ARIA: American Riding Instructor Association (certified instructor) - Arabian Horse Association - Sunkissed Acres Horse Rescue and Retirement Foster Home - ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) - USEF (US Equestrian Federation)